• We are a Team

    We are a team: a group of professionals with diverse skill sets, working together to meet your needs. Our staff is comprised of talented project directors, managers, coordinators, graphic designers, web developers, meeting planners, analysts, and consultants.

    We are a Team
  • Partnering to Make a Difference

    We bring a wide range of strengths to collaborations with esteemed local, regional, and national organizations. Performing in direct and indirect service roles, staff members create opportunities for sustained partnerships across communities to promote engagement, positive behaviors, and public safety.

    Partnering to Make a Difference
  • Individualizing Client Needs

    Do you like getting personalized attention? At FirstPic, Inc. we focus on developing individual relationships with our clients. Through personal meetings, we will assist in creating an assessment of your organization and define objectives. We provide personalized support every step of the way, and will exceed defined tasks and deliverables.

    Individualizing Client Needs
  • Putting Kids First

    Our goal at FirstPic, Inc. is to provide youth development leaders with valuable tools and resources necessary to serve the youth across this nation. We are a management consulting firm that partners with government organizations and non-profits, striving to ensure that kids in need across the country are provided with the best opportunities and have access to adults and mentors who truly care about their communities and futures.

    Putting Kids First
  • Promoting Affordable Housing Solutions

    Our housing and community development team continuously strives to enhance the quality of programming that ultimately benefits home environments across the country. We provide HUD, housing authorities, tribes and other housing organizations with on- and off-site training and technical assistance; high-level research and analysis; comprehensive meeting and conference services; disaster recovery services; database design and maintenance; survey design and collection; full-cycle grants management support; and extensive reference, referral and distribution services.

    Promoting Affordable Housing Solutions
  • Supporting the Future of Native American Communities

    Tribal communities range from the tiny 28 member Alaska Native village of Birch Creek to the Navajo Nation with more than 250,000 members and 27,000 miles of land. The FirstPic, Inc. Native American program staff work with more than 200 tribal communities to meet their unique training and technical assistance needs. Areas of assistance include law enforcement and state/federal partnership development, youth development program assessment, non-profit board development and management, administrative capacity building, and housing and community development projects support.

    Supporting the Future of Native American Communities

Let Our Team Assist You

puzzleFirstPic, Inc., a certified small business entity, offers a broad range of project management consulting services throughout the country. For more than 12 years, in collaboration with the federal government, state agencies, schools, non-profit and community-based organizations, staff of FirstPic, Inc. has worked nationwide to produce solutions that guarantee an optimal outcome for our clients. We offer a range of products and services including strategic planning, program design and management, conference planning and management, training and technical assistance, product development, data management, proposal writing, graphic design, survey design and data collection, and Web site development.

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